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I am just like so many busy moms out there. I want to create great meals for me and my family where the food brings us together at the end of a long and hectic day. I want to empower moms to feel like they are able to make Great Everyday Meals by using simple, accessible, and inexpensive ingredients and basic cooking techniques. It’s more about family and less about slaving away in the kitchen cooking. I have been a restaurant industry professional for about 10 years and have a great passion for cooking. I will share tips, recipes and techniques that I have learned to arm everyday cooks with the foundation to simple yet great tasting cooking! Johanna M. Cook

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why Blog?

In the sea of bloggers, wanna-be writers and critics, etc, why did I decide to create this blog well...about myself?

I am yet at another turning point in my life. I am expecting my third child and a working mother with an "average" American family trying to make it in this world. As my husband and I anticipate our new baby's coming next year, I am reflecting about what changes have happened in my life since I graduated high school. I remember being such a foodie even before the term was even invented. Growing up in an Indian-Filipino home and living in San Francisco, I knew and learned a lot about food at an early age. My girlfriends and I used to save up our allowances to go out and eat in the coolest places. When we all started to get jobs, we went to the hottest restaurants in town to check out the scene. We lived for it, I live for it. Getting older, I ended up in the restaurant industry, it was so exciting to be a part of what I loved every single day. Then motherhood came.

As a mom with 2 kids, I don't exactly have all the time (and money) in the world to spend checking out the newest and hottest restaurants in town anymore. My cooking style has evolved from elaborate meals to 20-minute meals (take that Rachel Ray!!!). But my love of food, the feeling it brings to people, the importance of how it is an vital part of living is still in me. I wanted a place where I can share my cooking ideas, recipes, restaurant tricks, and experiences to people, and I have found that maybe, blogging might be a great way to do that...maybe even therapeautic. We'll see what happens.


  1. Hey Sis, what a great idea considering you should be a chef. Your food is awesome and I can't wait for upcoming recipes.

    Love You

  2. I'm enjoying catching up and reading your older blogs, Johanna. I really need to start learning HOW to cook. You make it sound simple and fun... my bf will thank you ;)

    Love, Melanie