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I am just like so many busy moms out there. I want to create great meals for me and my family where the food brings us together at the end of a long and hectic day. I want to empower moms to feel like they are able to make Great Everyday Meals by using simple, accessible, and inexpensive ingredients and basic cooking techniques. It’s more about family and less about slaving away in the kitchen cooking. I have been a restaurant industry professional for about 10 years and have a great passion for cooking. I will share tips, recipes and techniques that I have learned to arm everyday cooks with the foundation to simple yet great tasting cooking! Johanna M. Cook

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Momma Cuisine: A Whole Different Adventure

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have followed me through this experience. It all started as a creative outlet for myself and my love and passion for cooking and dining. As I began my Momma Cuisine blog in 2009, I had no idea of what would come of this, if any. Throughout 2010, as I was actively posting recipes and meals that I was serving to my kids and husband, I started to hear from other "Mommas" out there. What I heard was how many moms didn't know how to make healthy, creative meals for their families that fit into our modern family's time constraints. Many moms didn't even know how to shop for ingredients at the grocery store, much less think of how to cook them.

Today, Momma Cuisine has completely taken over my life, in a great, great way. I have found that I can lend my passion and expertise about food and cooking to help empower moms, both young and old, to make great meals for themselves and their families. I have gone as far as start to weed myself out of the corporate restaurant world, where I built my career as a restaurant manager for almost 10 years to work only part-time, to make Momma Cuisine my full time endeavor. With more You Tube show episodes under way, Momma Cuisine Workshops and even One-on-One sessions , I hope that my own love and passion for food can be taught to those who want to learn.

What Momma Cuisine means to me, is that I will be able to help contribute to assit busy moms how get their families around their dinner tables to spend quality time together over great homemade food, made by love. After a crazy, busy day bussing the kids all over town, work deadlines, and all that jazz, being together at the end of the day as a strong family is what matters.

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