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I am just like so many busy moms out there. I want to create great meals for me and my family where the food brings us together at the end of a long and hectic day. I want to empower moms to feel like they are able to make Great Everyday Meals by using simple, accessible, and inexpensive ingredients and basic cooking techniques. It’s more about family and less about slaving away in the kitchen cooking. I have been a restaurant industry professional for about 10 years and have a great passion for cooking. I will share tips, recipes and techniques that I have learned to arm everyday cooks with the foundation to simple yet great tasting cooking! Johanna M. Cook

Monday, February 28, 2011

TribLocal by Chicago Tribune Event at Whole Foods with Momma Cuisine

I was recently invited by Trib Local of Chicago Tribune to participate in an free event going to be held at Whole Foods Market on Thursday, March 24 at 7 p.m. to demonstrate, Healthy Eating on a Budget.

"Launched in 2007, TribLocal provides a unique mix of professional and user-generated content online along with a weekly digest of local news printed in our Thursday newspaper. Combine all that with a history of award-winning traditional journalism at the Chicago Tribune and you have a forward-thinking and trusted news product."

It is such an honor to be invited to be a part of an event such as this. My passion for teaching busy moms (and dads) about how to create Great Everyday Meals is something that runs deep in my veins. Food is more than just a simple need. It brings people together, and in some countries, apart. It is the highlight of a party, the most memorable part of a vacation, the main event on a holiday, and a tool to bring friends and family together to spend time over. To me food is more than just items on a plate. Food and how cook it, is how I express my love, gratitude and feelings to and for my family and friends. I use it as a tool to meet new friends, as well as to help me reconnect with old ones.

My love and enthusiasm for food and cooking is something I want to share with everyone, especially mothers. Mother's have it tough in the kithen. Unlike in restaurants, we are our own dishwashers, bussers, prep cooks, executive chef and servers. Let's not even start with the discriminating diners we have to feed everyday!! Showing busy, modern moms how to create Great Everyday Meals using only simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques is what Momma Cuisine is all about.

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