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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food Company Review - ONEIDA, LTD.

The National Restaurant Association Show was attended by all sorts of restaurant executives and proprietors to find the out the latest in food trends and innovations. As I strolled down the endless isles of booths, I started to think of the what the everyday home cook, like myself, can take away from such an event.

I came across a section of the floor dedicated to restaurant quality dinnerware, glassware, utensils and equipment. One company, ONEIDA, stood out to me. Home cooks everywhere know the name Oneida as it's dinnerware has been a household name for decades. What I did not know was that it also supplies fine (Purple Pig, Chicago) and casual restaurants and is the one of the world's largest marketers for stainless steel silverware/flatware, and has been around for 130 years. These people really know their stuff!

Oneida has launched their newest collection, Chef's Table, to help home cooks frame their culinary creations with restaurant style pieces for their own kitchens. This is great for cooking and entertaining enthusiasts, as the collection is streamlined, classic, elegant, and most of all durable. Perfect for the busy lifestyles we all live. Oneida originated in the mid-nineteenth century and since has grown to be one of the most recognizable brands in the world. You can find their collections at Target, Macy's and Dillards, and http://www.oneida.com/ just to name a few. Oneida has collections fit for every budget without sacrificing quality and style. The Chef's Table Collection comes in three different styles, hard square (pictured), soft square and round. The idea of bringing restaurant quality and style in dinnerware to the home cook only makes sense as more and more people are cooking at home and have a better understanding of all things culinary. With that, not only do people want to cook like chefs, they want their kitchens to feel and look like gourmet meccas, and Oneida is helping to fill that need.

I have worked in restaurants for years and I can say that I would be proud to serve my family and friends  food on these place settings.Oneida's products are as solid as they once were, and it's great that they have modernized their collections for todays modern lifestyles and tastes.

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